This is an overview of my academic and non-academic publications, as well as ongoing work. You can also view them on my Google Scholar profile.

Journal articles

(with Timo Seidl): Moving on not to fall behind? Technological sovereignty and the ‘geo-dirigiste’ turn in EU industrial policy. Journal of European Public policy. Paper | replication materials.

(with Donato Di Carlo): Europe First? The rise of EU industrial policy promoting and protecting the single market. Journal of European Public Policy. Paper.

(with Timo Seidl): As open as possible, as Autonomous as Necessary: Understanding the Rise of Open Strategic Autonomy in EU Trade Policy. Journal of Common Market Studies. Paper.

(with Thomas R. Eimer): From Coherence to Coheritization: explaining the rise of policy coherence in EU external policy. Globalizations. Paper.

Book chapters

(with Andrea K. Gerlak and colleagues): Power(ful) and Power(less): A Review of Power in the ESG–Agency Scholarship. In M. Betsill, T. Benney, & A. Gerlak (Eds.), Agency in Earth System Governance (pp. 65-72). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chapter.

Working papers

(with Timur Ergen): The Sunshine Problem. Climate Change and Managed Decline in the European Union. MPIfG discussion paper 2023/6. Paper.

(with Timo Seidl): Protecting, Transforming, and Projecting the Single Market. Open Strategic Autonomy and Digital Sovereignty in the EU’s Trade and Digital Policies. Preprint. Paper.

Work in progress

The Politics of Constraints: EU Industrial Policy under Limited State Capacity. Unpublished manuscript. With Timo Seidl.

Changing the Calculus: How Security Displaces Efficiency in Economic Policy. Unpublished manuscript.

Rewiring Globalization: Business Divided, Capital United. Unpublished manuscript.

Media & miscellaneous

Backlash. De Groene Amsterdammer. Interview.

De Europese markt heeft industriepolitiek op Europees niveau nodig. NRC Handelsblad (with Jasper H. van Dijk). Opinion piece (paywalled).

As open as Possible, as Autonomous as Necessary – Understanding the Rise of Open Strategic Autonomy. (with Timo Seidl). Ideas on Europe Blog entry.

Reflections on how COVID-19 is reshaping the EU’s industrial strategy. EUIdeas blog entry.

Central and Eastern European countries at the crossroads: Why governments should reject investment arbitration in TTIP. (With Cecilia Olivet and Pietje Vervest). TNI Policy Brief. Link.